The idea behind this new website is simply to share and discuss design ideas that improve crisis leadership and team performance under crisis conditions.

In my experience, the performance of a crisis leader and team can be significantly improved with careful and simple programme design that combines experience and ongoing field-testing with insights from cutting-edge research and techniques stemming from academia and industry. My passion is extracting, adapting, and integrating techniques from design thinking, behavioural science, instructional design, ethics, psychology, cognition, complex problems, team dynamics etc., to improve crisis performance.

Iā€™m an independent crisis management consultant based in Oslo but continue to work internationally. I devote a considerable portion of my work time to research, design and field-testing. Thankfully, I work with clients that see value in crisis design innovation and help me test-out new concepts.

I can be reached by email or via Linkedin by clicking the icons below. I enjoy discussing crisis management innovation so please feel free to get in touch.

Sebastien Hogan